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Renovation Loan

Beautiful wallpaper, incredible bathroom tiling, splendid chandelier lights, a sunroom, new wall  painting; these are popular renovation ideas that Singaporean homeowners have. The difficulty comes in trying to implement these ideas because of the high cost.

For many, the procedure of buying a new home is tough financially and so renovations attempts to the new property will not be easy. Fortunately, renovation loans are at present readily accessible to assist homeowners custom-make their living spaces. These are more affordable compared to banks loans and credit cards.

What Renovation Loans Cover

1) Extensive Repairs

With time use, age, and effects of weather will be evident and big repairs such as repainting, roof repairs, change in décor, floor re-installation can offer your home necessary facelift.

2) Room Re-modelling

You might be considering having your bathroom adorned in the current European design. It could be you want a skylight for the kitchen, any idea you wish to have, and the Reno loan caters for all remodel types.

3) Home Additions

It is likely that you require a patio or deck added to your place. Possibly you want the basement completed to create more space. Any additions you necessitate, the renovation loan can cover it all.

4) Interior and Exterior Décor Alterations

You will find many trending designs for décor that will bring back your home to its glory and such costs can be covered for through a Reno loan.

Why Take A Renovation Loan

Renovation home loan will offer you the much-needed aid to customize your home. You could transform a bland looking house into the most exciting living space. Using these loans, you will be freed to take on any home renovations that range from electrical, new floor installation, plumbing and wiring, roof re-modelling, furniture purchases, repainting, kitchen and bathroom remodelling among other renovations.

Some other reason to get the renovation loan is because these renovations will add value to the property. Getting the best revitalization for your home will immediately make your living space more functional and comfortable, which will add to the whole value. The Reno loans are a lot affordable than the personal loans. This is a key reason to utilize them for any renovations.

Like transitioning to married-life, burgeoning wedding costs, and car ownership, most people discouraged at the possibility of needing to raise a substantial amount towards constructing their dream home. Hence, Renovation Loans enables borrowers to manage their cash-flow using fixed or flexible repayments plans.

High Costs To a Dream Home

Based on recent studies, the renovation of a new home in Singapore might easily cost you between $10,000 to above $100,000, and at times even more. It is possible that you do not have such an amount and it is such situations that call for the use of the renovation loans. This comes in addition to what you will already have forked out for legal fees and down payment while purchasing the home.

Not to mention the extra costs of purchasing new furnishings to match your aspired decorations. Altogether, you might be caught unawares by the hidden costs.

Reach out to us today to understand how we can help to make your dream home come true!