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Personal Loan

You can use personal loans for any purposes. There are two types of personal loans you can access, which are unsecured and secured. In Singapore, the unsecured personal loans do not need collateral and the amount on offer is between $500 to $100,000. when you wish to obtain a larger sum, lenders will instead provide you with secured loans. These require your house, car, or property as security.

In Singapore, you can access loan money from the banks for consolidating credit card debts. This is because banks offer much lower interests. This is referred to as debt consolidation.

Also, personal loans may be used for unexpected expenses, home repairs, child’s education, or other uses you require funds for. Even though you also can use it to fund your dream wedding or that luxury vacation, it is advisable to save for such events instead of borrowing money for them. Always, carefully consider the use before taking any personal loan.

How To Select The Right Moneylender

Since Singapore has so many licensed moneylenders granting this loan product, it is crucial you be cautious while searching for a personal loan. You stand a chance of getting into the loan shark traps when not cautious. Furthermore, you might even fail to get the suitable loan package from your licensed lender. Thus it calls for you to scrutinize more of the available loan options.

One basic lending tip, decide on a licensed moneylender who provides low interests, fast loan application, custom-made repayment scheme and exceptional customer service. This way you will be able to locate the right moneylender, and we are among your top choices offering legal lending services. We are here to always help you with the above-named benefits.

Having the lowest and best interest rates

We understand that emergency funding relief needs to be accessible for all, and it is for this reason you need to meet the basic requirements of being a citizen/PR or foreigner holding a valid pass. We understand that time is all-important when you require an emergency loan. This is why we strive to offer fast loan choices and prompt access to the cash once your application is approved.

Our loan application process is now convenient and simple too and an online application form that requires a few minutes to complete. Once your loan is approved, you will be contacted by one of our professional customer service officers to notify you from there.

Convenient services without collateral

In order to avail our services to all Singaporeans, no collateral or co-signer is required for the approval of your personal loan; our interest rates are also reasonable and we provide payment plans that ensure you remain on track.

We are genuinely interested in your financial needs and will endeavour to ensure you have the best loan possible; every client is treated with respect irrespective of the loan amount they require. When you require funds that you will quickly repay to settle emergency expenses, acquire some limited stock, take a last minute vacation or other purposes; turn to us for the financial help you need.

Call us now for a no obligation consultant on how to manage your debt with our loans.