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GM Creditz Review

111 North Bridge Road #01-35 Peninsula Plaza Singapore 179098 (Next to City Hall MRT)

+65 6588 1886

Licensed Moneylender (Lic No. 108/2017)

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GM Creditz Review

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5 reviews on “GM Creditz Review

  1. I’ve been GM for many times. The staffs have always been great and exceptional as far as service, knowing the loan rates and terms; and informing you on any changes or anything that you have to know as changes in the laws and paperwork, and etc. They always make you feel good, comfortable and great about taking loan from their company in tight times. Sometimes you fall on hard times or you might need that extra money to get something done. They will never make you feel uncomfortable and always make you feel great. They did really show their professional and courteous to me. I appreciate the outstanding service. GREAT JOB AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!

  2. Took up payday style loan with GM Creditz. Great experience with them. When I needed help, it felt great being able to have a place to get quick cash. Their service and process of loan was extremely fast compared to the bank. I was in and out in 35 minutes with the money I needed! Excellent customer services always greet me with a smile. The staff provide prompt courteous, knowledgeable and able to effectively response to all my doubts and questions. Would recommend anyone looking for some extra help on a financial issue to them! You guys are awesome!

  3. I have been taking up loan with GM for some time and their staffs never ceases to amaze me with their knowledge. Everyone there is so helpful and such great people to talk to. The staffs always make me feel very welcome and friendly. Most importantly I was able to get a funding to keep my business going. I don’t’ dread it because I know their customer service was very professional and was able to walk me through everything. Thank you.

  4. Visited GM Creditz last week, the location is amazing. The company has a strategic location where people can have an easy access to their company. It was just next to the building once you exit from city hall station. You are greeted with a smile as soon as you enter the company. The friendly atmosphere makes me feel comfortable. Everything is straight forward without hidden fees. Feel comfortable with their attitude and stress free throughout the whole loan process. I had a great experience here and I would like to recommend GM to everyone.

  5. After being irritated by other moneylender, I am so nervous to apply for another loan with moneylender. I found GM Creditz and I was hesitant at first because I’m worried to meet the same kind of situation again. They approved my loan and gave me payday repayment! Helpful friendly customer service throughout the application process! The staff made my experience so easy and comfortable that I would definitely return in the future.There are so many money lenders but if you want professional service without being hassled I would suggest GM Creditz. Thoroughly impressed with their service!

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