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Home Loan

In Singapore purchasing your dream home is not as simple as you might think. Because you might need a large amount to make down payment for the new home and also additional costs can arise even after you have bought the home. Hence a home loan may help you to cover the financial gap fast so that you focus on moving to your dream home.

When you are considering getting one among the many home loans available in Singapore to buy a home. It is important that you make sure that you get the best loan deal, as well as look carefully at the features included in this loan. Doing this can save you huge amounts of money possible.

Our Dedicated Service

We are aware that your home loan may be tough as it is full of complicated jargon and terms such as MSR, TDSR, SOR, SIBOR, etc. Do not stress yourself trying to understand this by yourself. The whole home loan application process is tedious. You will need to deal with lots of paperwork, negotiations with bankers, not forgetting a lot of running around.

Our loan officers will assist you in comparing loan options available, help with loan paperwork, as well as negotiate with bankers till your home loan has been settled. They will also help you find out everything there is to know in easy-to-understand terms.

Your Big Financial Milestone

Buying a home is a rather huge financial commitment – possibly the largest you will ever make in your lifetime. Due to this fact, it is urgent that you know the loan type that can best fit your financial needs. You also need to understand several of the special aspects that will let you save money on that loan you chose to utilize.

Watch Out For Any Hidden Cost

Even though most Singaporeans know the essence of careful budgeting in regards to purchasing a home, most of them do not consider the expenses that can come up after they collect the home keys. Though the exact costs might vary depending on many things starting with age, type, and property size you purchase to your gender, age and financial circumstances – more so where it concerns insurance – it helps when you understand the type of expenditure you are getting into beyond simply getting mortgage repayments.

Requiring More Than What Banks Can Lend You

Depending on the bank or HDB loan, the loan money you may borrow will be affected by many factors – the Mortgage Servicing Ration, your salary, Loan-to-Value ratio, and more. For first-time home buyers, this may seem complicated to examine what you will afford to buy. You might, in the end, get caught up with cost amounts that you incur with no financial means to repay them. This is where we come in and help you to make sure that you do not get any extra accumulated interest rates. That is even prior to you celebrating your housewarming! Get in touch with to learn more on how we can assist you today!