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One Big Reason Why People Get Into Debt – Overspending

There are so many things to pay for, and so little money. You have your utility bills to settle. You have medical bills to take care of. You recently lost your job, and you are striving to make ends meet. You recently lost some money betting on a soccer match. You may think that all these things are what is taking a huge chunk out of your savings. You may feel that keeping up with these things is what is getting you into more debt. Maybe that is the case. However, if you look closely at your expenses, you will realize something else. The real culprit here is that you are overspending.

In this day and age, overspending is not a strange thing. There are so many ads out there crowding your mind with new things to buy. It seems every week there is a new game, app, or gadget in stores. You may not need them, but you just have to have them. You go grocery shopping and you come out with clothes and self-help books. Zero groceries.

Many Singaporeans have a problem with overspending. Overspending gets you into a lot of debt. To get out of it, you look for ways to get more money. You visit a moneylender for a payday loan or personal loan, hoping to clear your debt. You go and spend it all on things you shouldn’t have, and the cycle continues.

What are those things that are making you overspend, and how can you deal with them?

Reasons Why People Overspend

  1. Where You Are Can Make You Overspend

There is a form of psychology to the way items are arranged in a mall. For instance, most stores keep the dairy and fresh produce in the back of the store. To get to them, you first have to walk through aisles of other items for sale. This is not a coincidence; it is done on purpose.

The goal is to make you purchase more than you initially planned to. And what’s more, a lot of people fall for it. You end up buying more, in the long run to the benefit of the mall.

Another mental trick malls or supermarkets use is music. Music works on a subconscious level, influencing your choices. Music influences shopping habits a lot. A good example is the malls during festive periods. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Halloween, the lot of them. The music played in stores at those periods nudge you to purchase things appropriate for the season, planned or not.

If you truly want to kick the habit of overspending, you have to go shopping prepared. Make a list of what you need and take it with you. Buy only what is on your list, and nothing else. Your pockets will be better for it.

  1. The People with You Can Make You Overspend

Your peers, friends, colleagues, even family members, are another reason for your overspending. There is this urge that humans have that makes them want to fit in. You want to be like your friends or your successful sister who just came into town. This kind of thinking leads to overspending every time. You could have friends that have deeper pockets than you do. When you hang out, you feel you have something to prove. So you pay for all the food and drinks. Sometimes they even take you to a hangout that is way above your pay grade. But you cover the bill all the same. Trying to live above your means will put you in debt faster than you can think.

Be true to yourself, and to the people around you. If your friends want the expensive places, tell them you can’t afford that place. If they insist, make sure that they are paying for you. Taking a payday loan just to be like your friends is not a wise move. Stick with what you can afford.

  1. Credit Cards

Singaporeans tend to abuse their credit cards. You may think that there is unlimited purchasing power on those plastic cards. You couldn’t be more wrong. Credit cards are great in a pinch, but they can make you overspending. Constantly maxing out your credit cards is not a good way to live. That could earn you a bad credit report. Banks will refuse to give you loans with a bad report. A moneylender would be your best bet, but taking a personal loan to settle your credit card debts is not advisable.

If you are the type to max out your credit cards, don’t use them. Take cash with you to pay for stuff. You will be less tempted to overspend since you actually know how much you have on you.

Ways to Stop Overspending And Avoid Debt

If you can stop overspending, falling into debt will be a foreign thing to you. Some ways have been mentioned earlier, such as using cash and making lists of what to purchase.

Other ways you can stop overspending and avoid debt include:

  • Budgeting
    Always budgeting your income will prevent you from compulsive spending and debt. When you get your income, there are three things you need to budget. These are your savings, your expenses, and your emergency fund. Once these three things are all accounted for, you will be conscious of your finances.
  • Paying For Things On Time
    If you have payments to make, do so once you have received your salary. Always make sure that you pay the minimum balance on all payments. The path to being debt-free is paying them off as soon as possible. The more you are procrastinating your payment, the likely you will let your debt roll into next month.

Sometimes, taking a personal loan or payday loan is inevitable. In that case, make sure you discipline yourself to repay it in full and in the shortest time possible. Meeting a licensed moneylender to get a loan will get you low-interest rates, so paying back shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure that you don’t spend most of it on unplanned things.