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Best Personal Finance Tracking Apps In 2017 That Help You With Financial Problems

Many people are not able to stay for an entire day without regularly checking their smartphones. Considering checking text messages, checking emails and chats has now become part of our daily routine. Smartphones are very smart that they enable us do shopping and pay the bills and yet be on the go. Smartphones can enable us to maintain a track of our finances as well.

By use of downloadable apps, you are now able to create a budget that you can stick to and even making investments through your phone. There are numerous finance tracking apps available in the market that it is rather frustrating to find a suitable one for your needs.

Why The Need For A Finance App?

There are a large variety of financial challenges that people face in their everyday life. Financial challenges are hard to tackle since they involve the much-dreaded balancing of financial accounts. When your financial problems are not handled immediately, they could eventually lead to a major financial setback. You will to first identify the root cause of the problem you are facing and then work at finding a suitable solution to overcome it.

You will need to recognize the things you often spend your paycheck money on and ways in which you can holistically make a move towards better money management practices. You will need to break off the habit of living from paycheck to paycheck or borrowing from legit sources like moneylenders. You will also need to establish ways of ensuring you have extra savings using the least effort possible.

Some Of The Best Personal Finance Apps In 2017

Wally: Best For Tracking Your Expenses

Wally is a free personal finance app, which helps you recognize all the areas where your money goes, and ways in which you spend and when you do the spending. This app also allows you to save photos of your receipts for purposes of records.

Your financial lives can sometimes be complex and not every one of us loves accounting. In using Wally, you will be able to easily to notice what happens to the money you bring in, what was saved, what you earn and what you need to adjust to your budget.

The Wally App is very easy to use and it makes tracking your finances very simple as well as convenient for you. The time you spend some money, you will only need to take out your phone. The graphs generated will give you insight into areas in which you spend money on. In this manner, you can well understand your spending behaviours and ways you can save up more.

Mint: To Help Manage Your Money

The Mint application is the creation of the Intuit Inc. the company responsible for creating QuickBooks –accounting software used for smaller to medium-sized businesses and the Turbo Tax- American tax preparation software.

Like the real mint gives you a fresh breath, the Mint App has a refreshing effect on your finances. This app is web-based and is a free financial tool used to tap into your credit cards, bank account, investments as well as other financial accounts you may have. With this App you do not need to log into different sites, you only require to open a Mint account.

The Mint App gives you the visual of the areas you often spend your money in, how much money you have in the bank accounts, which of your accounts need additional funding and whether you will end up messing with your own budget. The Mint App makes it possible for you to handle your finances in ways that are beyond simple budgeting process.

You Need A Budget (YNAB): To Help You Get Out Of Debt

If you are tired of living in the endless cycle of paycheck to paycheck expenditure, then You Need A Budget (YNAB) will help you keep track of your finances. It will help you define your spending patterns, paying your debts, coming up with a workable budget and having some extra cash should you experience an unexpected financial bump.

You Need A Budget pushes you to make a workable budget which differentiates it from other apps which require you to make a budget with money you may not have. And should you go off track, YNAB App will help you make necessary adjustments to your budget so that you don’t wreck the entire budget plan.

The main purpose of this App is to have extra money for you to spend from the previous month’s earnings. This for you means you have broken free of the cyclic pattern of living paycheck to paycheck and you have some money to pay off debts and remain with some extra cash for your use.

Despite the fact that users have to pay $50 annually, the support and services it offers are well worth it and it even comes with a money-back guarantee.

Acorns: To Help You Make Extra Savings

With the Acorns App, micro-investing becomes a natural way for you to earn more cash on the side making your spare change work for you. Each time you purchase using the card connected to the Acorns App, the app converts it to the next highest dollar. The distinction between the amount changed and the estimated cash amount is automatically invested in a portfolio of a low-cost exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) at the end of each year.

Acorns app sends out a questionnaire to get to know your financial goals and situations and thereof the app makes recommendations which are a mix of ETFs that you can invest in. you are able to manually set up a one-time and even recurring investments. The app charges account having less than $5,000 a monthly fee of $1 while those accounts with more than $5,000 are charged 0.25% each month.

The different apps can turn your smartphone into a financial companion driving you towards better money management practices. You can use apps for different financial reasons but they are effective depending on how you change your spending patterns.

For you to reach your financial goals it will take time and discipline on your part, however, you will from time to time experience some financial gaps. Even then do not panic since you can access a personal loan from moneylenders in Singapore.

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    Reliable money lenders in Singapore

    If anyone is going through financial emergency and need an immediate loan, they must find out reliable money lenders in Singapore. These money lenders are registered in the Ministry of law. All the services they provide are according to the rules and regulations of law.

    One of the way to identify a Reliable money lender is to look at their moneylender review and do take note that reviews are done by a real person and not manipulated by the money lenders themselves. Thousands and thousands people rely on such money lenders to get affordable and immediate loans in the time of emergency. People don’t have to experience the vexation of customary banks. Reliable money lenders in Singapore has the aim to render smooth access of loans to permanent as well as non permanent citizens of the country.

    People frequently confront financial hardships and don’t get immediate funds to clear off the debts or the difficulties from banks due to their poor credit history, complicated borrowing rules and much time of acceptance. Here the reliable money lenders are sensitive. They understand the requirements of their clients and help them to get quick access of funds. Registry of moneylenders in Singapore regulates their operations. The plans of repayments as well as the interest rates are according to the standard made by the Money lenders Act and Rules.

    Advantages of reliable money lenders in Singapore

    Banks have now become stricter about giving loans especially to those who have a bad credit history. As a result most of the salaried or the self-employed individuals might be bound to employ unauthorized money lenders in Singapore. And these are expensive as well as unethical.

    Registered money lenders in Singapore are completed reliable in this respect. There are no hassles for applying loans. They can provide various kinds of financial materials together with services that will definitely matter and are important for people. Nobody has to wait long for getting the approval of loan from them.

    Main goal of reliable money lenders in Singapore

    Life can push anyone into financial problems suddenly and that time there will be no other options other than seeking immediate fund. One can think of seeking help from friends and family. But it is not possible for a single man to provide the fund you require totally. Reliable money lenders in Singapore can provide the entire sum in a single loan. They even have different packages of loan to offer individuals the solutions for anything. They make sure that their clients get effectual and fast service.

    Reliable money lenders in Singapore are special

    Reliable money lenders in Singapore deals with their customers following a strict ethics and discipline. They bear no secret costs or charges and this makes them the most reliable. They will explain and tell everything that is written in the contract to the client before they sign it. They will clear about the terms and conditions to their clients and will provide professional suggestions on the borrowings according to one’s affordability. They always care about their customer’s financial circumstances or situations and never impose an unaffordable sum of money that one cannot pay back.

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      Applying urgent loan in Singapore is really easy and helpful

      At some point of time or the other, we all have faced financial crisis and a need for taking a loan for several purposes. Here in this article we are talking about Singapore. It is a really fast moving country with all sorts of modern amenities and other technological advancements in store of the residents. Well, in such an advanced country applying for a loan would never be a problem for an individual. This article is all about educating the readers about applying urgent loan in Singapore. One can definitely go ahead and approach various banks and financial institutions in order to seek help and gather knowledge regarding the matter.

      Apply urgent loan and go stress free

      Urgency in the matter of loan might arise at any point of time. So, we all must at least be prepared or aware of the processes that would help us in applying urgent loan Singapore quite effectively.

      • Personal loans are definitely available in Singapore
      • You can find several licensed lenders if you have a good credit
      • Your interest rates will be higher based on your credit scores in case you do not have a good credit

      Well, these are some of the vital factors that one must keep in mind before planning to apply for an urgent loan Singapore.  Once the person is done with the initial stage of planning, he/she can simply approach money lenders and discuss with them about the matter in a really easy and hassle free manner.

      Consider licensed lenders and apply for urgent loan Singapore

      Yes, this is really very important. One must always opt for the licensed and reputed money lenders in such matters. Before approaching a particular money lender, always consider doing a bit of research in this matter. This would help you in the matter of figuring out whether the person is a licensed and trustworthy money lender or not.

      • Licensed money lenders will always guide you in the right manner
      • You can use the internet or ask your acquaintances in order to find out relevant information about the particular money lender you are approaching
      • If the person is already a reputed and trustworthy one, then there is no need for you to worry

      So, these aforementioned points should be considered before applying for urgent loan in Singapore.

      More information about taking urgent loan in Singapore

      It is to be noted that the non-traditional money lenders will charge higher interest as compared to the traditional ones. So, it is definitely up to you whom you will choose in this matter.  Here are few more things you should know in this particular matter.

      • Personal urgent loan Singapore will allow more flexibility during the time of repayment.
      • Urgent loans are at times required when you might not be expecting it at all
      • So, one must be prepared for any kind of situation in life

      Considering such informative articles would definitely help you decide the best path and process in such cases so that your application for urgent loan becomes absolutely fruitful.

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