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Short-Term Financial Crisis: How Will Payday Loans Will Help You Through?

Money lending institutions make small personal loans accessible to individuals who have a limited access to banks. Singaporean money lending institutions are licensed by the Registrar of lenders and are bound by rules and regulations that guarantee they follow all money lending and financial institutions laws.

Financial emergencies can happen unexpectedly and especially when you are least prepared. That is why trying to handle them can be quite challenging, particularly for those Singaporeans living paycheck to paycheck. The dilemma becomes severe when you don’t have sufficient money in the emergency fund.

Payday loans are intended as cash advances on your next paycheck. For you to qualify you have to be over 18 years old. You also need to hold a steady job and a bank account. Payday loans from moneylenders do not depend on your credit history, credit report or the absence of it. But instead, a fee ranging from $10-$30 is charged for every $100 you borrow. This makes the payday loan more costly than normal loans.

The positive side is that they offer you quick cash for those emergency times. Payday loans are mostly approved within 24 hours after you have submitted your loan application.

What You Need To Do

When you have family or a friend to whom you can count on, you will need to talk with them for help. Although there are situations when there is no one for you to contact for assistance. And to make things worse, getting a loan from a bank loan in this situation is barely feasible.

This is considering most banks take longer to process your loan application. And at the same time, they are not exactly bothered by your situation. On the other side, taking a loan using your credit card may be an option. But it is costly compared to banks, and again, it takes a long time to get the loan application processed.

Therefore, when you are in need of a short-term loan which you can repay using your next salary, then a good option for you to seriously think of is the payday loan. Every one of the legal moneylenders in Singapore offers this loan type to the suitable candidates.

One of the main benefits of this loan type compared to other loans is the speed with which the application is approved. You are able to get your payday loan in 1-2 days, and at times even within the same day.

Who Qualifies?

As its name suggests, the payday loan is issued based on your salary. Nearly every person that is employed can access this loan type from licensed moneylenders but the highest amount of money you can take out in loan depends on your monthly income. You are able to access a payday loan even when your credit record is not that good. Provided you are able to show a proof of employment. Thus this is an additional advantage of the money lender payday loan. Individuals who have a bad credit are able to access it. The payday loans are very easy to obtain because they are based on the status of employment and also your pay level.

Things To Bear In Mind

There are some important things that you need to take into account when you are applying for a payday loan. These include:

  • Payday loans are meant for financial emergencies and are not best for long-term financial solutions. In addition, when you are getting a payday loan for each month, you need to seriously evaluate your spending. You shouldn’t make it into a habit; this loan type is for emergencies.
  • You need to pay off your loan using the next salary. Similar to other loans, the payday loan also comes with interests. And a quite high rate at that. Hence, you need to only take the amount that you can pay off using your next salary. Don’t be tempted to extend your loan period by paying in smaller amounts or even the bare minimum. In so doing, you are more likely to end up paying more money than your original amount.
  • Be sure you do some research, this way you will get the best deals possible. Each moneylender may offer you a different rate for the same loan amount. Hence, by shopping around a little, can help you get a much favourable deal. Borrowers are cautioned to first confirm the rates being offered by the certified moneylender before settling for a payday loan. This will help when you are comparing the terms and rates to help you pick the terms offered, that best meet your financial situation. Approach a few moneylenders and, compare their interest rates they offer to help you pick the one with the most favourable terms to fit your budget.
  • Ensure you understand your needs, terms, and conditions of the loan contract before signing it. Bear in mind that you are duty-bound by law to honour the terms of the contract once you sign.
  • Payday loans are processed much faster time owing to the effortless verification procedure of income and status of employment. Lastly, at all times take loans from legal moneylenders.
  • Payday loans are the easiest to obtain as with a valid work permit, confirmed employment status and a bank account, a foreigner can have their loan approved fast. This loan is usually repaid once you get your monthly wages.


Payday loans are intended as cash advances on your next paycheck. Financial emergencies can happen unexpectedly and especially when you are least prepared. But first, when you have family or a friend to whom you can count on, you may need to talk with them for help. When that fails, you can consider taking a payday loan, which is issued based on your salary.

Nearly every employed person can access this loan type from licensed moneylenders. But the highest amount of money you can take out in loan depends on your monthly income. Of importance is to confirm the interest rates being offered and also be sure to pay off the loan using your next salary.

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    4 Tips To Make Your Payday Loan Go Smoothly

    Payday loan types are useful for borrowers and a lot of times are convenient when you urgently need cash to resolve a passing financial crisis. Through payday loans, you are now able to repay your rent and other everyday expenditures that can’t be delayed. This type of loan is generally the fastest way to get ready money from a certified moneylender in Singapore and this does not put you through in-depth credit inspection and utterly long approval processes. Then again, most moneylenders will not just give the loans to anyone who submits an application to them.

    For you to ensure your payday loan request is approved by a moneylender available in Singapore, you need to meet all the requirements. Also be sure you have checked your finances to confirm how you will be able to repay the loan off without causing you any strains.

    There are some occasions when the payday loan offered by the licensed moneylenders in Singapore is the best option for a borrower. So that you can ensure that your payday loan goes as smoothly, below are some guidelines that you will need to bear in mind.

    Ensure That The Other Options Cost Less Compared To The Payday Credit

    In order to illustrate the point, here is an example. Let us assume that you didn’t get all your whole pay because of an error on from your employer’s end. This means your employer will send you the remaining sum in a few days. But the setback is you by now have 3 bills that need to be paid by today. And when the draft bounces, you will be charged fees.

    At the same time, you will also be charged for the returned draft costs to the company which you owe. Let’s say the bank charges $10 fee for any bounced draft and the company you owe charges $10 for returned draft fees as well.

    Therefore, in this case, the whole amount you will pay at the end, in fees for all the 3 bills is $60. Thus in case, your payday loan will cost you $70, it is advisable that you do not take it. In reality, most banks charge a fee more than $10 in penalties for each bounced draft, and this also applies to companies.

    In reality, the total amount you will incur in fees and fines may total to several hundred Singaporean dollars. Thus said, when then the fees charged on a payday loan are much less, the right thing for you to do would be to apply for the loan.

    Repay The Whole Payday Credit Using Your Next Income

    Make sure that you do not to extend your payday loan. In so doing your loan will become costlier than it actually is. Payday loans on average have rather steep interest rates. Therefore when you delay in making full payments, you may end up paying a good deal of extra money.

    For that reason, make sure that you don’t take more money than you are able to repay using your next salary. Also keep in mind that once you’ve taken enough loan, resist the desire to extend the time period of the loan.

    From this what you need to be able to reimburse back the loan as you had pledged, is some cutting back on your daily expenses and lots of financial discipline.

    Don’t Take More Than You Require

    One thing borrowers need to be aware of is that payday loans from moneylenders are for meeting short-term financial emergencies or a crunch. Thus they are not the perfect solution to long-term financial problems.

    As a result, it is important you use payday loan wisely. For example, when you are faced with unexpected but not a big expenditure which you can’t put off in until the month ends. You may consider getting a payday loan. This will help you take care of this expense.

    On the other hand, if you plan to go for a week-long holiday but you may not have the necessary funds, it is ideal for you to hold up your holiday except for when you have enough money saved up.

    The other important thing is for you to ensure that you do not take any more money than you already need.

    Top 7 Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms in Asia

    Make Inquiries

    Different certified moneylenders in Singapore give different interest rate charges. So it is ideal that you do a bit of research to make sure you get the best deal. Before applying for a loan, make sure you look around for the right moneylender singapore who can meet your financial needs.

    Read through all the interest and the penalty clauses and also take note of any other additional fees. This way you will be familiar with terms and conditions of the loan agreement before signing it. Be certain that you can make regular instalments on the set upon date to avoid getting defaulting charges. Ensure you check the legality of the lender’s license to verify they are registered with the Registrar of Lenders.

    Ensure you know the set terms of the loan and when you are unsure ask for clarification on the conditions and details of your loan request. Ask a lawyer to assist with explanations the fees of defaulting you might face. When the conditions are not suitable, you can choose to work with a different approved lender who will offer you the better loan conditions to meet your financial obligations.

    Choose a moneylender who will give you the lowest rates possible, and a favourable repayment time. The repayment amount should also be affordable for you and not cause you more financial strain.


    Payday loans are an important source of funds and often come in handy when you urgently need quick cash. For you to make sure that your payday loan goes as smoothly, be sure to shop around for a reliable moneylender who will help you meet your financial wishes. Also always take the loan amount that you need.

    And above, all make sure that you don’t to extend your payday loan, as in so doing your loan will become more costly than it actually is.


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      Living Paycheck To Paycheck? Why You Need To Stop This Habit Before It Is Too Late

      Living paycheck to paycheck is a thing that most Singaporeans do. While it is assumed that those who live paycheck to paycheck are Singaporeans with low incomes (and so they can’t afford to save), this isn’t true. Some Singaporeans who live for their next paycheck are people who spend their monthly incomes because they have money elsewhere. To this group, since it is just the monthly salary they are spending, they are still safe financially.

      This kind of thinking is the direct cause of the debts that several Singaporeans, young and employed, suffer with on a monthly basis. Saving money is difficult because of these debts. It doesn’t matter that you have an alternate revenue stream: saving money is crucial. Living from paycheck to paycheck and accruing debts on the way, even if it is just your monthly salary, is damaging to your finances.

      If you still aren’t convinced, then consider these few points. They might be what will trigger you into saving more and spending wisely.

      Anxiety Over Retaining Your Job

      Living paycheck to paycheck has a requirement: that you earn a paycheck. This is something you may not think about often, till you realize that your expenditures pass your earnings. When your debts start to pile up, that is when your job seems more important than ever. This increases the pressure on you to maintain your job. The increased pressure is totally uncalled-for, and can only stress you out a lot and affect your performance on the job.

      Becoming obsessed with holding down your job is not something that will help you at this point. Stressing yourself that much can only be bad for you, you could lose that job. Losing your job could be as a result of many things, such as not being a risk-taker, refusing to learn new things to maintain the status quo or a change in behaviour.

      When your thought processes change from rising in your place of work to keeping things just the way they are, you are effectively hurting your job. Losing your job because you refuse to grow happens more often in the business world today. This is because having a passable skill set is simply not enough to retain any form of employment. Employers are more interested in people who can bring new ideas to the table, who can make contributions that lead to strategic growth and development. To bring forth these ideas, you usually need to think outside the box. Go outside your position in that company and envision what you can do to make the entire business better.

      Because you live paycheck to paycheck, you become very anxious about your career security. This unhealthy focus can affect your work and your mindset, keeping you in that position for a long time – or getting you sacked from it.

      No Emergency Funds

      There is a shocking number of working Singaporeans who
      a) don’t own emergency funds
      b) have no idea about the importance of emergency funds.

      Do you also fall into this category? Then this is for you. Going from one month to the next, continuously living from paycheck to paycheck, already indicates a lack of savings. At least you should have some funds set aside for emergencies, but those are absent as well.

      Emergency funds exist to take care of all sudden monetary needs that are bound to crop up. An emergency fund is different from your savings since it has a different use: savings and emergency fund should be kept separately. No one wants to have to use up their savings for a sudden, impromptu event. You shouldn’t have to: that is what emergency funds are for.

      An emergency fund is set up to pay for any sudden financial issues that may arise. This includes paying rent, a hospital bill, or paying the salaries of your staff when revenue hasn’t been steady.

      There is no need to stress the importance of having an emergency fund. What you should worry about is living paycheck to paycheck, with no plans for the possibility of losing your savings in one swoop. Without an emergency fund, you will be in a lot of debt without much hope for bailing yourself out.

      Lack of Discipline in Budgets for Saving and Spending

      Any financial adviser worth their salt would tell you that, accounting for how much you plan to spend is just as important as making a budget for your savings. You need discipline to spend, just as you need the discipline to save. It is important to establish that discipline and pattern of budgeting your savings and expenditure early in life. It will be of great benefit to you when you go into retirement.

      CPF (Central Provident Fund) is paid out only when you retire. Why isn’t it paid out every month? Observing the expenditures of the average Singaporean answers that question. If you were to receive your CPF on a monthly basis, there is every possibility that you will spend it all before retirement kicks in. What will you do then? It is alright if you are concerned that you aren’t in control of your expenditure; you are on the right track. It is better to realize that you need discipline, and then take steps to work on it than to simply ignore it.

      If you really want to be financially secure during retirement, there is insurance that you can get for that purpose. These insurance plans arrange payouts for you per month when you retire, a structure that supports your pension. Some plans are structured in the way that you have a constant payout stream for the rest of your life. These payouts will remain so for a partner or entitled family member in the event of your death. You can get insurance coverage with these types of insurance plans, and make sure that your expenditure is restrained in your retirement years.

      Living from paycheck to paycheck can rob you of a stress-free life. It is important that you start to take steps today to maintain a healthy spending habit, have some savings for retirement, and set up an emergency fund.

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        Same Day Payday Loans – How to Get Them

        When you’re stuck at a significant hardship you visit with the creditor for aid? Can you ask for assistance from your loved ones and friends but imagine if they are unable to help you as they too have to take care of? Are you drained of asking for sustain to the creditors and wouldn’t avail instant approve? How would you encounter if you are given a label of an “adverse creditor”? Do your friends understand your scenario when you’re currently undergoing a challenging moment? Well if this has been your problem and cannot think of an alternative then 3 month payday loans would be best alternatives for all and one. With these currencies the candidates can acquire funds that remove all of your troubles feasibly. These are funds to overcome your issues in between the month.

        The candidate can now take pleasure in advance that is stress-free sum without recognition confirmation condition and chaotic credentials process. It’s what you’re in search of in need of this emergency. Payday loans which are obtainable to compensated folks who want to conquer their complicatedness right away 3 month. The candidate can thus gain this examination despite amount overdue, of your non-attendance, IVA, so forth, and bankruptcy. The only weak point of this progress is the interest rate. In addition, if you fall short to repay the amount, the offender will be charged using a fine. Online method of submission will help one to acquire a viable lender which will overcome all of their issues.

        These funds will assist you to handle any emergency that has taken away your peace of mind and your happiness. The amount is wired in your account. Tenants and homeowners can simply make an appeal and acquire the most out of it. Now this strategy allows each UK candidate get out the most and to end their economic troubles of it freely. These are for funding your solutions which can be availed by you needs like for renovating your property grocery bills fees, and so forth. 3 month payday loans help you locate mesmerizing thinking. After that and the competition simply needs to search online apply. In calculation submit and the borrower only needs to fill up the foreman application for the lending firm will subsequently sanction your request and will confirm the facts.

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          Adaptive and Efficient Payday Loans in Canada

          There are persons in need of cash and persons in urgent need of money. Depending on the problems someone might have, fast solutions are available and instant financial help can be given in just minutes.

          Rent has come and you are short on cash, late invoices do not let you sleep at night and everyone is asking for money. End this stressful time now, by obtaining money in Canada, directly at your door. Payday loans Canada are secure, efficient and much more important, are available now, for the urgent needs.

          If you’re reading this report, then you probably know how to surf the Internet, then that’s all there is to learn for $1500 in your bank account today. Through payday loans Canada you can borrow any amount between $100 and $1500 before your next payday in only few minutes.

          Only for confirmation purposes only, you will have to fill in an easy one step application. If you are eligible for a payday loan in Canada, you’ll be instantly notified by your email. To be able to apply for payday loans Canada, you’ll be required to respect 3 simple, regular requests:

          1. To have at least 18 years old;

          2. To have a monthly income;

          3. To be a citizen of Canada.

          By complying with these simple needs, you can have money today, often in just 30 minutes. The online form, from payday loans Canada will require just couple of minutes of your time, it’s wholly free and does not have any obligation. Straightforward complete the online application form from the Apply Now page and receive money approved instantly!

          Some simple fields that needs your attention will remain between you and the money you deserve, money that could help save plenty of time and penalties, the ideal solutions for urgent issues. Payday loans Canada, won’t ever request your credit rating and will never make credit checks, so your financial past will not be taken in consideration when approving your payday advance.

          At payday loans Canada, the acceptance process and application are completely online, meaning that you can borrow money from any device that supports an online connection, from the comfort of your house whilst drinking your favourite coffee. You won’t be asked about faxing any documents or make any other newspaper work.

          Payday loans Canada is a top level financial site that has helped dozens get over immediate troubles, give confidence in delicate moments and became a financial friend in times of need.

          And getting cash out has never been faster. You will not be asked regarding the utility or purpose of your loan, nor bother with telephone calls and mails. Our flexible payday loans are available for you today, typically in 30 minutes you can have $1500 that will cover the majority of your urgent demands.

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