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It could be you are seeking a bank account that has the best interests. You might even be aiming at getting the lowest minimum first deposit and need a monthly balance. You could consider going for the most seamless online banking experience.
At present, Singapore has a total of 112 operational commercial banks. Singapore’s commercial banks are governed and licensed under the Banking Act and can perform universal banking.
Owing to the many lending options available, you can easily get confused when choosing the suitable bank for your needs. You will be spoilt for choice when it concerns lending institutions and the different services and products that they provide. Thus here are pointers to help you choose among credit unions, national banks, and offshore banks.

Loan Hub Pte. Ltd.

five star rating
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Address14 Robinson Rd, Singapore 048545

Phone+65 9455 1623
five star rating
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Address190 Serangoon Rd, Little India Branch, Singapore 218064

Phone+65 6723 9009
DBS Bank Ltd - Bedok North Street 3 (POSB)
five star rating
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Address511 Bedok North Street 3, Singapore 460511

Phone+65 6339 6666
Citibank - Bugis SMRT Station Branch
five star rating
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Address220 Victoria Street, 188022, Singapore 188022

Phone+65 6225 5225
LGT Bank (Singapore) Ltd.
five star rating
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Address3 Temasek Avenue, #30-01 Centennial Tower, Singapore 039190

Phone +65 6415 3800

Know your money habits

Know your preference before you start searching for a bank, this will help you identify the right bank for you. Some things to think about are bill pay, ATM usage, online banking, low bank account balances, credit cards, investment accounts, and deposits.

Consider Rates and Fees Incurred

For you to avoid these fees at most banks, either maintain a specific balance or make a specified number of transactions each month. Also, choose a bank account with hurdles that you can easily overcome. When your salary is variable or even rather low that you are concerned about keeping the minimum balance amount. Then you will need to look carefully into all services to ascertain you do not get a recurring bill of charges if you fall under the minimum balance.

An important task that a borrower should perform prior to picking a bank is studying the schedule for the fees. Some banks might not always be totally transparent regarding their charges and can sometimes have to be contacted directly to get this information.

Of importance is you carry out your research and not get blindsided by charges made to your own account. A single fee might not be exactly high, however, several unexpected charges for some time will actually eat into your savings. Among the most popular fees that banks charge are account maintenance fees, overdraft fees, and ATM fixed costs.

The Type Of Services You Require

You need to identify the reason why you are using a bank, it could be for savings or aimed for investing. Also, consider elements that will make banking convenient and comfortable for you. Identify whether you prefer interacting with a machine or talking to in person with someone.

Know if you would like to write out checks or prefer to make online bill payments. Consider whether you frequently deposit cash and the weekday and time of day that is favorable for you to the bank. Also look at how forgetful/responsible you are with your cash. Realize that different banks will have various features. Also, different checking accounts can be found in the same institution and are designed to meet different kinds of needs.

While you analyze your list, consider important attributes that you can really use on a daily basis. You will not wish your experience working with your banker to be miserable.

We have a comprehensive list of banks here to introduce you to the top banks in Singapore.