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    Advance Planners Credit

    Loan Advisor Best Moneylender

    #1 Reliable & Trusted Licensed Money Lender in Orchard Singapore Since 2010

    Advance Planners Credit (License No: 83/2019) is one of the few reputable and low interest legal money lending companies in Singapore accredited by the Registry of Moneylenders to provide loan lending services to residents of Singapore, either citizens, permanent residents or foreigners working in Singapore. We provide different loan options for cash-strapped individuals to meet their needs without much ado.

    As a legal entity, all our operations are in alignment with the Registry of Moneylenders. We also abide to the government regulations on interest rates and repayment plans outlined by the Moneylenders Act and comply within the law and benefit to our numerous customers. Therefore, be confident of getting your flexible monthly repayment loans that are most suitable for you in Advance Planners Credit.

    Types of loan:

    • Personal Loan (Monthly Instalment)
    • Payday Loan
    • Foreigner Loan
    • Bridging Loan (After Sales Completion)
    • Business Loan

    How to go to Advance Planners Credit?

    By Mrt

    Somerset MRT (NS23) – Walking 2 mins from Exit B to Midpoint Orchard.

    By Bus

    Opp Somerset Station (Bus Stop ID: 09038)

    Bus 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, 7, 14, 14E, 16, 65, 106, 111, 123, 175, 502, 502A, NR6 and NR7

    Opening Hours:

    Monday10am - 8pm
    Tuesday10am - 8pm
    Wednesday10am - 8pm
    Thursday10am - 8pm
    Friday10am - 8pm
    Saturday10am - 5pm
    Sunday10am - 5pm


    • Our Address: 220 Orchard Road #01-08 Midpoint Orchard Singapore 238852
    • Telephone: 6235 1788
    • Email: info@bestmoneylender.sg
    • Website: https://www.bestmoneylender.sg

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      A1 Credit

      Singapore Outstanding EnterpriseLoan Advisor Best Moneylender

      #1 Top Reliable Licensed Moneylender in Chinatown Singapore Since 2009

      Established in 2009, A1 Credit (License No: 17/2019) provides loans to individuals and businesses. A1 Credit is licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Law and is fully compliant to the Moneylender’s Act.

      We aim to deliver financial products to help you gain financial control.

      Our focus is on optimizing our plans to offer better short-term loans for the cash-strapped. We aim to be at the forefront of moneylending services, by practicing responsible lending that puts our clients in a better position than before. We do this by strengthening our lending criteria, having a strict protocol for assessing individual portfolio risk and monthly training programs for our loan specialists to achieve expertise in catering to the differing needs of each client.

      Your trust is our most important asset.

      A1 Credit is discreetly located at:
      2 Havelock Road #02-08
      Havelock II Singapore 059763
      (Clarke Quay MRT)

      Types of loan:

      • Personal Loan (Monthly Instalment)
      • Payday Loan
      • Foreigner Loan
      • Bridging Loan (After Sales Completion)
      • Business Loan

      Directions to A1 Credit

      By MRT: 
      Clarke Quay Exit A
      Cross the Overhead Bridge
      Enter Havelock ll Level 2 via Overhead Bridge

      By Bus:
      Along Eu Tong Sen Street
      Bus No: 961, 61, 2, 12, 33, 51, 54, 63, 80, 147, 174E, 174, 190, 197, 767.

      Nearest Carpark:
      Ample Carpark Lots @ Havelock ll
      Enter from New Market Road
      $3 Parking Rebate Available

      Opening Hours:

      Monday11am - 8.30pm
      Tuesday11am - 8.30pm
      Wednesday11am - 8.30pm
      Thursday11am - 8.30pm
      Friday11am - 8.30pm
      Saturday11am - 5pm
      Sunday11am - 5pm


      • Our Address : 2 Havelock Road #02-08 Havelock II Singapore 059763
      • Telephone : 6336 0833
      • Email : hello@a1credit.sg
      • Website : https://www.a1credit.sg/

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      #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore
      Average rating:  
       19 reviews
      by Melody on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      They are very friendly and helpful. After speaking with loan officer, I am pleased that they take an appropriate step to solve my financial problems. They explained everything in detail. I feel comfortable when taking a loan at A1 Credit.

      by chee guan on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      1st time applying loan. I am worried about the repayment amount and plan as I need to set aside some money for medical fees. However, after the discussion with the loan officer Steven, he is very understanding on my situation and know that one time payment is not going to solve my problem. He offered me the flexible monthly repayment plan to help me tight over for this few mths. Really appreciate for this kindness and will definitely go back if need any loan in future! Thank you A1!

      by Lawrence on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      Just need a small amount to tight over till my payday to close. I searched online and read many good reviews on A1 website. So i decided to take a loan from them. Fast and hassle free. The officer even helped to pro rate the interest for me as i paid earlier than due date. Thank you for the discount!

      by Patrick on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      I need a large amount to pay off my parents medical bills and other expenses. After visiting A1 Credit. The staffs there are friendly and they granted me a high amount to pay off my bills. I highly recommend this moneylender to all people who need cash urgently!

      by Chun Chun on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      A1 Credit is very responsive to my enquiries and very helpful by providing several solutions on my cash flow problems. They have clearly explained the loan contract to me and shared with me how to identify licensed and unlicensed moneylenders. I would like to recommend A1 Credit to those in need of cash urgently. They are very professional and will not disappoint you.

      by Gary on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      Was in urgent need and have found A1 Credit online that provide loan in few months repayment period. Customer officer is helpful and approachable, never look down on you, provide you with advise of the sum of amount that you are comfortable with. They are patient and compassionate. It just appears to me that they are with you and understand your financial position. Whole process took just only about 30 to 40mins. Definately recommend anyone who is in need to go over and experience it yourself.

      by Helen Tan on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      I read about their good reviews online, so I went down and experience it myself. Service is good and fast, the reception ladies are very friendly and professional. One of the best moneylenders in the market.

      by Suzie Goh on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      I have taken loans from multiple moneylenders but genuinely, I can assure each and every one of you that A1 Credit is the best legal moneylender in Singapore. They showed compassion and provide friendly customer service. The admin officers there are the best! Sincere thanks to A1 Credit for helping me.

      by Cheryl on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      I read the good reviews online and called them up to verify if they offer monthly loans. After asking some questions to check my eligibility, A1 Credit invited me down to their office. It's located at a discreet corner of Havelock II level 2, near Clarke Quay MRT. I showed them my payslips and they also verified my IRAS statements. They offered me a few types of repayment plans and I took up the monthly repayment plan. After their explanation on the loan contract terms, I agreed and signed. Then, the friendly customer service officer, Tracy passed me the cash immediately. Very convenient and hassle free! It's safe to go during lunch time as they only took 30 mins to process my loan. Thank you A1 Credit!

      by katie on #1 Loan Directory in Singapore | Loan Singapore

      Fast and convenient service. Comfort and discreet environment. Gotten my loan within 45 mins. Appreciate A1 Credit with the help when I urgently need cash. Thank you!

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        Mauris in enim in velit feugiat interdum eu vel dui. Ut laoreet id ex vitae tempus. Integer tristique mi ipsum. Cras et lectus non nisl imperdiet consequat non nec mi. Vestibulum dui velit, euismod quis tortor vitae, scelerisque dapibus odio.

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          Credit money in Singapore made easy

          Tired so you can get a loan, of looking forward to weeks? Completely fed up of submitting evidence many documents and certificates and still not getting the mortgage? Loan Singapore.SG is one of the most reliable moneylender index in Singapore which will assist you meet all of your modest and huge financial wants if anyone trouble. Be it going for a personal loan, payday loan this firm suits every one of these wants. But prior to heading out to access income, listed here are a few things that you simply should be aware of about Loan Singapore.

          Specialist and Moral Approach

          Loan Singapore.SG’s main purpose is to be able to provide our customers in situations of need. Regarding affording instant loans to those that cannot watch for cleaning the red tape prerequisites of many banks and moneylenders it operates. Every one of the treatments listed here are completed in an moral and legitimate approach. This firm follows rigid signal of honesty therefore, zero shopper may be confused or tricked from the employees or employees. Excessively high costs or zero hidden costs are priced about the loans granted by moneylenders stated on Loan Singapore.SG

          Accredited by Registry of Moneylenders

          Whenever you obtain income, it crucial to be authorized by a regulating authority. Moneylenders on Loan Singapore.SG are typical authorized from the Registry of Moneylenders (IPTO) for the routines it holds. Consequently, you do not need to concern yourself with something illegitimate occurring with you.

          Gives loans to Citizens together with foreigners

          There are lots of Moneylenders Singapore which supply loans simply to a people that are particular. Many of them keep from offering mortgage over a publicity to folks or foreigners. But between consumers, zero bias is performed for moneylenders at Loan Singapore. Be it a foreigner or Singapore homeowner, everyone is given mortgage if they are entitled to the identical. This is indeed a regarding foreigners who’ve been striving regarding funding money in Singapore.

          Inexpensive Rates Of Interest

          Among the largest issues connected with funding income is currently paying it back with fascination amounts that are extreme. There are lots of taxes and attention quantity which has to be paid combined with key, but moneylenders at, the interest rates are very reduced. Be organization mortgage or it individual loan, you’ll be capable of access income without having to be exploited from the stress of attention that is more.

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            How In 3 Simple Steps Is Certified To Check A Singapore Moneylender?

            How can you know if the firm is certified or not, although getting funds loans from a Singapore moneylender is simple?

            There are times that you need immediate money to satisfy with an emergency. Perhaps, your unsecured loan demand doesn’t satisfy with the qualification standards of institutional lenders as well as banks.

            Moneylenders are your absolute best choice to improve cash. As a first-time borrower, your familiarity with private lender might be limited.

            Have you been coping using a loan-shark?

            Signs you’re transacting with the credit business that is illegal:

            • Contacts you through WhatsApp or text messaging advertisements, advertisements, flyers or e-mails in magazines
            • Uses acts in a manner which is endangering or abusive language along with you
            • Inquires you for SingPass person the password ID and/or
            • Keeps another personal ID files or NRIC card even after confirmation is finished
            • Pressurises you to signal blank or in complete Notice for the cash loan of Agreement
            • Supplies loan without will not provide a replica of the Notice of contract and describing terms and problems
            • Approves your mortgage over phone text messaging, call or e-mail without supporting records or getting application for the loan

            Cease dealing together, in case your lender indulges in these acts. Prior to starting any loan discussions better still, discover when they’ve been valid or not.

            Check legal standing of moneylenders readily

            Their title will show up on the listing kept by MinLaw along making use of their license quantity and company tackle.

            Their authorized position can be confirmed by you in three simple steps:

            Visit the official web site of Singapore’s Ministry of Legislation. Click the link – Listing of Accredited Moneylenders in Singapore.

            Scroll through the listing to discover the title of your finance company that is future to validate their credibility.

            The PDF also supplies a set of firms whose license is suspended. Assess that listing to ensure you’re not coping with an LML who doesn’t possess the licence to provide money loans that are un secured.

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              Searching for Reputable Moneylenders in Singapore

              As with the various changes executed by the Authorities, like modifications in late re-payment charges or monthly rate of interest, the work of accredited moneylenders has impacted. One driving factor was the rate of interest change, it’s driven out the poor ones who abused the program greatly by billing rates of interest that were more than normal.

              This direct to debtors succumb to an extended cycle of credit repayments and being not able to settle their loans. Trusted moneylenders in Singapore have adapted to these adjustments, that debtors will change to them and revealing their adaptability.


              Creditability, Reviews & Standing

              As with purchasing shopping on the net, one frequently looks at number and creditability of critiques a particular product has. This determines the trustworthiness of standing and the business enterprise of the organization. Critiques can tell a great deal about how exactly this and a particular product or business work could be applied to discovering reputable moneylenders that are accredited . With licensed money lenders heading on the web, there’s an extensive variety of stuff to consider.


              Locate reputable accredited moneylenders in Singapore evaluations before borrowing

              It’s possible for you to take a look at the critiques like testimonials or google critiques by clients, read on the business, see how frequently they may be upgrading their web site. The reputable accredited moneylenders in Singapore upgrades their web site exhibit and to reveal the countless changes which can be executed particularly and also news updates the ones that are changing borrowers.

              Critiques can let you know by the mortgage officers regarding the customer support as well as the way in which they prepare borrowers on the periods as well as the different loan types involved. Great reputable accredited moneylenders in Singapore may fix the re-payment phrases that debtors have to service and will advise borrowers on the loan sorts that are appropriate. That being private to clients and ’s client servicing. Something which every one can connect with.


              4% Month-To-Month Curiosity Rate

              Together with the newest opinion of no authorized money lender may charge charge over 4 4% curiosity fee each month, it’s caused a drop in borrower loans and client enquiries. Perceived moneylenders that were trusted in Singapore mistreatment interest rates by large late-fees curiosity charges and price multiple charges. With this specific new law set up, these money lenders go out-of-business.

              Actual trusted moneylenders in Singapore adjusted quickly to the modifications and have comprehended the scenario. It’s generated lenders being client oriented, as now money-lenders can check an expected borrower’s credit credit rating although the majority are are now particular on debtors.

              A far better customer experience could be felt. Trusted moneylenders in Singapore have continuing keep standing and their support levels to basically protect their company. They could have their licence taken off if your succession of criticisms were produced.


              Licence and Certification

              Reputable and good accredited moneylenders in Singapore get training before having the capacity to guidance prospective borrowers. Finding a moneylender permit in Singapore is hard. There are constrained permits issued and certified money-lender must work closely using the authorities. An accredited moneylender must satisfy with the many different changes produced by the authorities and conform to the the principles of being a licensed money-lender established up on. Thus, legal demands govern any support rendered by lenders.

              Certification is to be a licensed money lender they must be accredited and also provided by professional organizations. This is the reason one must discover reputable moneylenders that are accredited as they constantly change to the the guidelines established up on them to keep up permit and their certification.

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